What WordPress Hosting to Choose – (2019 Guide) – Comparison

Are you currently searching for a reliable hosting provider for your WordPress site or you are starting a new website and don’t know what hosting plan and provider to choose?

If yes, continue reading, as we will analyze some of the most popular hosting providers. And you will be able to make the correct choice based on your WordPress site needs.

Before analyzing one by one all the hosting providers and all the hosting plans we must first know what type of WordPress site you are running.

Every WordPress site has totally different needs. This is based on the type of the WordPress site you are running , the currently traffic that site has and the Plugins and the Theme you are using

What Type of WordPress Site you are running?

If you are running a News Article site the needs are totally different if you are running an eCommerce store with WooCommerce. The queries made using WooCommerce are too many in comparison with a News Site so the resources needed to run a WooCommerce Website are bigger so you need to choose a hosting plan with more resources.

How many Plugins are using?

Using too many Plugins on WordPress can really slow it down.

Actually it’s not the number of plugins you are using, it’s the quality of the code of the plugins and the functions that are running.

The more functions (Plugins) are running on WordPress then more queries are made and more resources needed for your site to remain fast.

For Example WP All Import Plugin is a plugin for WordPress for importing bulk content like articles, custom post types or products. It’s really useful but it’s too heavy for the WebSite and you will need more resources. So a Shared Hosting maybe it’s not a good choice if you are running such type of functions. A VPS or Dedicated Hosting Plan will be the best choice.

How much traffic are you getting?

If you are starting a new website you don’t know what traffic you have so a shared hosting plan will cover your needs, to begin with.

The traffic on the website is the most important factor, to choose the best solution to cover your needs. As Plugins can slow down your WebSite, traffic will make these functions get called more frequently requesting more resources.

Shared Hosting, VPS, Cloud VPS or Dedicated for WordPress ?

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting used to host mainly startup WordPress websites with low traffic up to 30,000 visitors /month. This is not the rule as there are hosting providers like Kinsta with shared hosting plans that can handle even 2 million visitors month or even 10 million visitors a month.

VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is somewhere between a Shared Hosting and a Dedicated Hosting. This hosting plan used when the shared hosting you are using can’t handle the current traffic and you need a bit more resources because you noticed a bit downgrade on the site performance due to the traffic spike.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting is used when your traffic is really high. If you have more than 100k visitors on a monthly basis you should consider moving to a Dedicated Server.

Cloud VPS Hosting

Cloud VPS Hosting is somewhere between VPS and Dedicated but you have some more advantages from choosing a Dedicated. Cloud VPS Hosting provides scalability without the hassle or changing Server.

Whatever hosting plan you graduate select to host your WordPress site the most important factor is to select a reliable hosting provider, so here is a list with the most reliable hosting providers.

Top Hosting Providers for WordPress

1) SiteGround

Siteground WordPress Hosting

It’s a well-established hosting provider focusing on WordPress sites and providing specific hosting plans for WordPress and for WooCommerce. Based on customer reviews for SiteGround we can sure that they provide very very good support and the whole experience with Siteground is great.

2) Liquid Web

liquid web wordpress hosting

Liquid Web is one of the best hosting providers for WordPress. They are providing fully managed WordPress and WooCommerce hosting.

Managed WooCommerce and WordPress hosting is fast, reliable and secure. Sites hosted on Liquid Web enjoying fast speed, free SSL, free migration from previous hosting providers and 10 PHP Workers.

3) WP Engine

If you are looking for an advanced hosting provider WPEngine is for you. WPEngine created for one and only reason. To host WordPress Websites.

4) Kinsta

Kinsta WordPress hosting

If not the best hosting provider one of the top providers dedicated to WordPress hosting. Kinsta already trusted by big brands as they hosting their sites. Kinsta is super-fast is scalable and they provide their best support. You have only to take care of your content.

5) Bluehost

Bluehost wordpress hosting

If you are looking for a cheap web hosting for your WordPress site you can start with Bluehost. They have several hosting packages for both News Sites or eCommerce stores

6) CloudWays

Managed VPS Hosting? CloudWays will take care of everything related to your hosting. Just ask it and everything will be ready in no time. Their support is also very good

7) A2 Hosting

Another Leading hosting Provider is also A2 Hosting providing the best possible experience to WordPress users and to their websites. Having too many packages to select from. One hosting plan will suit exactly to your needs

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