Making Money as Entrepreneur at 2019

Making Money Online as Entrepreneur at 2019 Guide. How start and grow up your online business .

Most of us looking for a quick way to become rich , get popularity in no time making our dreams come true.

Being an Entrepreneur is not just a life-style. It’s too difficult to be an Entrepreneur.

Here are some must have skills to become a successful Entrepreneur

  • Focus
  • Patient
  • Smart
  • Stubborn

Let’s talk about the above skills and talk about them with some more details.


You have to be focused on what are you trying to achieve. Is it a new business or a new website? It doesn’t really matter. Focusing on what you are doing will gets you the best results.


Be patient because some businesses may late to start generating profit on the early days , so have patient on what you are doing and you will be going just well.


Be smart. Don’t create cloned ideas from others, don’t try to replicate the Facebook or Instagram. You will totally fail if you try to create something that already exists. Take a look on what missing from the market and create it.


Maybe you did all the above correct but sometimes business failing for other reasons. Bad timing or whatever. Be stubborn if you believe in your idea. Try again and you will achieve it.

What businesses to start at 2019?

Business trends nowadays have changed too much . I will not talk about physical business like running a local shop opening a Bruch Bar, not because these doesn’t make you an Entrepreneur but because i don’t really know about physical businesses.

I will talk you about businesses i made and i am still making them until now. All businesses i made are internet related , so you can start them from your home until start getting some decent profit .

Here is the list of businesses i am running and i will talk them with more details below

  • Affiliate
  • Web Developer

How to Start Affiliate Marketing and Money from it at 2019 ?

Affiliate Marketing can really bring you a tone of money if you build it with care . But there is no secret recipe that can bring you big bucks in no time.

First you have to know the answer to the following questions before starting the business as an affiliate

  • What’s your potential customer reach?
  • Do you know the product you are promoting in depth?
  • What this product offering to your potential customers?
  • Does the product have a reasonable price?

What’s your potential customer reach?

Are you already running a blog or a website ?

If yes, is your audience related to the affiliated product you want to promote to them?

If it’s not you must find an affiliated product that is related to potential customers / readers audience of your blog. Otherwise you will may bet some traffic on your affiliated product but you will get 0% conversion rate.

So , to sum up just promote the correct product to the correct audience

Don’t you run a website or a blog?

Creating a website or a blog it’s easy , so i will highly suggest you to read this article How to start your own WebSite with WordPress .

It doesn’t matter what topic will you select to write articles for. The only thing that matter is to write about something that you really know and care about it.

Are you a football lover? A football predictions blog is a really good idea. (Already running one, so i really know about it).

Are you a mother? Maybe a blog about the mothers life will be a good choice for you to start with

Do you like cooking ? A blog with some recipes and some articles about it will really bring you some serious traffic to you offers. Who doesn’t like food?

What Affiliate Networks to Start with ?

I will highly suggest you to use one or all of the following Affiliate Networks on the list as i have tested all of them personally and are all trustworthy .

Did you like this article ? Feel free to add your comments or your questions . I will be happy to answer to all of you

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