How to track guest customers previous orders on WooCommerce

A big problem for e-shop owners is that they are not able to see if the customers has bough again from their WooCommercesite as the most of the customers are shopping us guest users without creating an account .

Shop owners to find is a particular customer has shopped again should search on orders for the same name or same phone number or email to check if this is not the first order making on the site.

What’s the solution?

A new plugin called WooHistoryand is available for free on WordPressrepository 

After enabling the plugin you can go to plugin settings and check the options you want to automatically check for previous orders from the same customer.

The plugin publisher suggests to check for same customers by phone number (i agree also on this) because the user maybe using more than one email address and used an other email while places the order on the site.

After saving the settings you will see a new column on orders list on your WooCommerce Orders when you be able to see that total number of orders user placed on your ecommerce site along with the status of each order.

Try it and feel free to right your opinion if you found this plugin useful or not !

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