How to Create a WebSite with WordPress (Step By Step)

Step by Step Guide to create a website with WordPress .

Words like WordPress , Hosting , Blogging sounds a bit unfamiliar to your, right?

On this post we will break down all the steps you have to follow to build your own website without required from you to have any coding skills or web development skills.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular Open Source CMS (Content Management System) nowadays used to build blogs, news sites, eCommerce websites or any other type of website you can imagine.

What making WordPress the best option for me?

WordPress is fully extensible through Plugins and Themes .

WordPress Plugins can add new features to WordPress CMS like social media features(ex: social auto posting tools) , eCommerce features(ex: WooCommerce Plugin).

Themes on WordPress is actually the layout and the design of your Website. There are thousands of free WordPress themes you can use directly from WordPress repository.

But if you want your website to look more professional i will highly suggest to use a premium WordPress theme . You can find premium themes on ThemeForest, there are too many designs and layouts and all can be bought for a very small price between $39 – $59

Don’t search for premium themes for free or nulled. Avoid websites offering free premium themes as these themes contain 100% malware code to display third party ads and code that maybe give admin privileges to a third party.

How to host my website and what hosting to choose?

To have your website online it means that it must be hosted somewhere online, so you have to buy a hosting plan for your website. There are 3 months , 6-months, yearly or bi-yearly plans , the biggest period of hosting the best price you will get from the hosting provider.

Choosing your website hosting provider is a very important step as you website must be fast to your users and reliable without downtimes.

A fast and reliable hosting can gets you better positions on Google search results and a better user experience.

So what hosting to choose?

We we highly suggest to use Siteground for your hosting as the hosting plans they provide will cover you for whatever site you are creating.

If you starting a blog with WordPress then you should choose the WordPress Managed Hosting , if you are starting an eCommerce website the WooCommerce Hosting will cover your needs.

Siteground also includes Softaculous , a tool that allows you to install WordPress with one click…. Here is a Guide on how to install WordPress on SiteGround using Softaculous

Find a niche that you actually know about it

If you start your own blog you should focus on one niche .

The niche you will choose is up to you . Be sure that you select a niche that you really know and care about it.

If you like cooking a recipe website will be a good idea or if you love food , visiting restaurants, a food blogging will be also good idea .

Find a WordPress Theme for you website

Let’s say that you chosen to start a food blog . Next step is to find a WordPress Theme related to.

So, Visit ThemeForest and search for food .

You will be able to see hundred or maybe thousands of theme results . Dedicate a lot of time on this process to preview the themes and check if it will fit your future website.

After choosing the theme you want it’s time to buy it. After the purchase is done you will be able to download the theme files .

Inside the files you will download Documentation with installation instructions is included to start setup the theme easily .

I hope that found this guide helpful . If you have any questions or something missing on my guide feel free to comment and i will be happy to respond on your questions or suggestions

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